About MENU

Increase revenue and streamline processes with MENU - the mobile waiter, at your service!


A mobile waiter in the palm of every guest to order & pay without service waiting times, so as

  • to reduce waiting times and lines,
  • to generate more orders & re-orders, and
  • to reduce service complexity.
One App for all restaurants worldwide.

Turn the smartphone of guests into a digital menu from where they can order, re-order or simply pay anytime with a few taps and without any service waiting times.

Is MENU for your venue?

Our clients are railway companies and their caterers, all types of restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, clubs - they all work with MENU to ensure optimal service coverage so as to eliminate service waiting times and lines, to ensure full service coverage during peak hours and to even expand service areas.

Why should you consider using MENU?

MENU is an application that allows guests to order and pay with their smartphones. This application enables any venue to enhance guest experience, boost revenues and to reduce service complexity.

Who are we?

MENU is a forward-thinking technology enterprise. We develop, implement and support digital restaurant and hotel solutions via innovative micro-location technologies.

What motivates us?

At MENU we work with great enthusiasm to continue innovating MENU--allowing your restaurant to best serve more guests!

Company info

MENU Technologies AG
Dammstrasse 19
6301 Zug