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Manage menus and access powerful customer statistics & engagement tools

Management center is the central hub for managing your entire offering, including menus and suggestions. Role-based access allows you to give everyone permission to exactly what they need.

Manage your restaurants, menus and engagement tools like coupons & rewards centrally, and view powerful statistics about your business.

Manage Chains

Enjoy full central control over all your restaurants. Menus can be managed across multiple locations, while still giving you full flexibility for exceptions per location. Statistics give you insight on how your restaurants perform and lets you focus on improving individual performance.

Manage Restaurant

Full overview of your restaurant – from creating menus, prices and deals, defining opening hours, to setting up POS or printer connections and getting detailed statistics. Set the tone of how you communicate with your customer, engage with your existing customers and create campaigns to attract new ones.

Create Menus

No matter the menu, we have you covered. The Management center is the fast and easy way to create and manage your menu. Choose the structure with categories, subcategories and items. Configure modfiiers, add-ons, combos and item suggestions. You are in charge of what you upsell to your customers. New item in your menu? Promote it to all customers.

Engage with your customers

Loyalty, coupons and campaigns are powerful ways to get your customers engaged and more connected to you business. Happy customer is a repeat customer and MENU gives you a lot of ways to make customers happy. Coupons are used to attract new customers, Loyalty makes customers engaged and connected to your brand, keeping them always wishing for more. With Campaigns you can aim for new customers, as well as reward customers for special occasions.

One place to manage your ordering ecosystem

Management center is used to control all of your channels. No matter if Mobile app, Web app or Kiosk, Management center will help you set up a winning combination. Track the success of each individually, compare them and boost your sales.

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