Take full control of your integrated delivery services

Single point for managing delivery orders from your own channels, delivery marketplaces and Google, where available, with automated dispatching

MENU Delivery & Dispatch

Enable own delivery from your native & web apps and Google Food Ordering

Boost delivery sales and enhance profitability with MENU’s integrated all-in-one Delivery and Dispatch suite. MENU Delivery & Dispatch solution makes it easy for you to set yourself up for own delivery and boost order volumes. This will allow you to tap into entirely new delivery channels and to bring delivery in house, engaging either your own drivers’ fleet or a delivery network of your choice.


Manage full-cycle delivery and dispatching

MENU’s complete suite of your own delivery modules and additional external order channels enables you to fulfill delivery orders through dispatching to own drivers and/or delivery service providers (DSPs).

Operating as a virtual restaurant or through cloud kitchens? MENU has you covered with the delivery management adjusted to your needs.

Automatically assign orders for dispatching

MENU’s dispatch functionality automatically assigns orders to the most suitable driver based on an intelligent algorithm, thereby avoiding manual handling thereby boosting efficiency. Moreover, MENU integrates with a variety of delivery service providers (DSPs) and orders can be assigned based on multiple configurable rules. Driver apps that enable driver tracking relating back to your own order channels are not only useful for delivery anywhere but also provide for an optimal user experience.

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Delivery Marketplaces

Integrate your third-party delivery marketplaces to maximize efficiency

Establish a single source of truth for all your customer order interfaces to ensure data consistency across all your order touchpoints. MENU lets you manage your menu offering on your delivery marketplaces from the same backend from where you also manage your direct channel applications or any external channel.

Ensure order accuracy and get rid of multiple tablets

Forget about manual order inputting into your POS system! MENU´s extensive POS system integrations ensure that every order from a delivery marketplace is seamlessly injected into your POS system to ensure order accuracy. This will allow you to get rid of handling multiple tablets and to boost operational efficiency.

Connect all the dots with MENU Delivery & Dispatch

MENU provides a single interface between your restaurant, direct and external order channels as well as fulfilment providers. With integration capabilities, automated input of orders into POS and order assignment to the restaurant’s own drivers or third-party delivery service providers, MENU lets you consolidate the entire channel network. On top of that, it also handles automated dispatching according to your configurations, no matter whether you receive orders from direct channels, delivery marketplaces, or via Google (in the available countries, such as Germany), social & conversational order interfaces. Also, you can rest assured that with MENU you can keep up with any new tech development or novelties on the market, such as dark and ghost kitchens or virtual restaurants.

Track your sales effortlessly

It has never been easier to track and analyze your order volume and customer data. You can have a unified reporting for both own and external channels’ orders, and a 360-degree view of your customers for personalized offer and engagement. Engage directly with your customers and own your customer data for building life-long personalized relationships!


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