Direct ordering

Seamless order and pay, higher ticket sizes & more re-visits with Mobile App, Web App and Kiosk in your branding

Let your customers order & pay for dine-in, takeout, delivery, curbside or drive-thru and soon also business catering! Engage using coupons and introduce a rewards program to tap into more sales and retain your guests. Deliver consistent experiences across all channels and enhance your operations through the MENU’s central Management Center and extensive integrations.

Convenient restaurant e-commerce with Mobile and Web App ordering

Even prior to the COVID-pandemic, customers had a strong preference to order & pay using their smartphones. Therefore, restaurants increasingly adopt mobile-first strategies and implement advanced web solutions for safe and convenient use. Tap into digital demand and enable contactless and frictionless digital experiences!

With MENU, you can get closer to your customers through direct ordering with Mobile and Web apps! Allow them to order easily and pay from within the applications smoothly & securely, using a variety of payment options. The intuitive interface and appealing design with your menu offering encourage customers to spend more and order more frequently.

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Self-ordering Kiosks for faster service and increased ticket size

Automate and optimize your processes with Self-Order Terminals (SOTs) in your restaurant! Our software is built to run on nearly any Kiosk hardware. But to get the most out of your hardware investment, your self-ordering kiosks need to connect to your Mobile & Web apps to offer your customers a seamless, connected brand experience.

SOTs with MENU software typically handle a majority of order traffic shortly after launch, which means you can reduce waiting times and free up your staff for other tasks. Increase ticket size by more than 30% across all channel applications with our add-on and cross-sell features, while also allowing your customers to enjoy the benefits of discounts, coupons and rewards!

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All order types

MENU applications put your offering at your customer’s fingertips by allowing them to place orders for dine-in, takeout, delivery, curbside or drive-thru and soon also business catering. No more calling in or waiting at the checkout – all orders are prepared and handed over on time.

To learn how you can provide integrated delivery & dispatch to your customers, please visit MENU Delivery & Dispatch.

Boost your revenue with add-ons, combos & cross-selling

Our applications show modifiers and add-ons, automatically upsells customers to combos and suggest additional items, driving average ticket size increases of 30% and more.

Your channel, your branding

Offer a state-of-the-art brand experience to your customers supported by the high quality UX/UI designs created by MENU’s dedicated team of designers. We brand the Mobile app, the Web app, and the Kiosk according to your guidelines. Leveraging our intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can present your offering with pictures, descriptions of each item and details about ingredients and allergens.

For more information about using coupons, promotions & rewards to connect your customers to your brand, please visit MENU Incentives & Loyalty.

Payment integrated, POS connected

Payment comes integrated with our plug & play processing module. Thanks to MENU’s extensive POS integrations, every order is sent directly through the right channels ensuring easy processing and accounting.

One Management Center for all your channels

Manage your entire offering, including menus and suggestions, with real-time updates from the MENU’s Management Center as the central hub. Role-based access allows you to give users permission to do exactly what they need. You can also add as many languages to the Management Center as you need. Apart from managing your channels, you can also measure their performance and success through the Performance dashboard.

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Enjoy full flexibility with MENU Customization center

Make your in-app communication with guests adjusted to your preferences by updating strings in your Mobile, Web and Kiosk applications without an app update or support by the development team. MENU provides you with easy access to a full directory of all strings, while the changes you make are immediately visible.


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