Building relationships that last

Level-up your customer engagement to win repeat business

Encourage brand loyalty with MENU Engagement and stay connected with your customers through engaging communication across your direct channels

Send personalized messages and news

Reach out to your target audience with personalized messages and keep them in the loop with a dedicated news section. Push notifications, in-app messages, emails and SMS, triggered at the right moment, will update them on your brand’s latest activities including perks, upcoming offers and events.

Activate your customers with targeted campaigns

Attract your customers again by nudging them with a simple push notification or email! Abandoned shopping carts, users who downloaded the app but haven’t registered, or lapsed customers can easily be re-engaged through reminders and automated campaigns for retargeting. Make them even more relevant by adding a touch of personalization based on their past purchases or in-app behavior.

Let your customers know they are valued

Who doesn’t like feeling appreciated? You can send customers your thanks for making a purchase or reward them for their loyalty by running campaigns with tailored messaging and offers.

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Collect feedback to enhance experience

Find out what your customers think and feel about your brand, ordering application or a specific order experience. With MENU, you can ask for feedback in a subtle way when customers complete an important action and let them know you are listening.


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