Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Incentivize, retain and reward

Encourage brand loyalty with MENU Engage and stay connected with your customers through their phone, even after they leave your restaurant.

One customer profile across all channels

MENU’s ecosystem approach helps you track your customers across all channels, including your POS. As a result, with better insight into their needs, you can target them using a rich data profile and personalized messages.

Target with tailor-made offers

Personalized rewards based on user behavior and those tempting coupons and discounts that can be redeemed through your app will definitely stimulate your customers to order from your restaurant.

Retain with discounts

Show your customers that you care: Surprise them with special offers and discounts. Our engagement solution provides valuable insights and puts you in control.

Reward loyalty with a dedicated program

Add a touch of playfulness to your brand with a Rewards program and work with tools like time-based multipliers to flatten peak times & engage your customers with “double points” days. Let your customers collect & redeem points across the entire ecosystem: Mobile app, Web app, Kiosk and even at the POS.

Personalized messages and news through email and SMS

Reach out to your target audience with personalized messages and keep them in the loop with a dedicated news section. Push notifications, emails and SMS, triggered at the right moment, will update them on your brand’s latest activities including perks and events.

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