External ordering

Increase sales and boost efficiency by enabling ordering from Google, Delivery Marketplaces, and soon Social & Conversational ordering channels

Beyond your direct ordering channel applications, there are many new ways to acquire new customers and generate sales. With MENU, you are able to embrace third-party ordering channels as additional revenue sources quickly and securely. Boost your sales by tapping into ordering from Google and Social & Conversational ordering channels!

Increase sales with Food Ordering on Google

Get your customers’ online orders for takeout, delivery and order ahead directly from Google in the countries where it is available, such as Germany, and fulfill them with MENU’s automated Dispatch solution. We can help you integrate this channel seamlessly and reap the benefits of convenient ordering for your customers and low fees as alternatives to delivery marketplaces.

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Delivery marketplace integration with a seamless experience

Thanks to MENU’s integrations with an increasing number of global and local delivery marketplaces, your restaurant brand can easily connect with third-party platforms to handle external orders more efficiently. At the same time, you can easily manage menu update across channels with direct order injection into POS.

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Social & Conversational ordering coming soon

We are constantly expanding and updating our portfolio and integration scope in order to allow your restaurant brand to easily access third-party accounts via the same single Management Center.  Stay tuned for more information on how you can embrace any new ordering channel with minimum effort and acquire customers at their preferred point of communication!


Single system to manage
all external order channels

MENU provides a flexible interface between your restaurants and external order channels. It empowers you to manage all online menus from one unified Management Center and ensures data consistency across all customer order interfaces. All orders from all of your customer interfaces are directly injected into your POS system, which results in avoiding order errors and enhancing customer satisfaction. Also, MENU handles delivery orders from Google Food and Social & Conversational Ordering channels for fulfillment through its automated dispatching solution even if you don’t have your own drivers.


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