Reward your customers with personalized incentives to drive loyalty and boost sales

Innovative engine for coupons, promotions, as well as loyalty & reward management

Provide your customers with timely and relevant offers that excite them to order their favorite food and motivate them to return more frequently!

With MENU Incentives and Loyalty solution, you will better understand your customer preferences and behaviour, while making informed decisions on how to drive sales with targeted offers. We have you covered through all stages – from creation and distribution to validation and analysis of coupons, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Coupons & Promotions

Delight your customers with special offers and discounts that are tailored to their needs! Configured in the single backend system, your coupons and promotions are instantly presented to your customers across channels of your choice. You can easily personalize promotions and upgrade your marketing efforts based on the collected customer data.

Loyalty & Rewards

Reward your customers for their loyalty through a state-of-the-art spend-based loyalty & rewards program to make them come back more often and to spend more. With full flexibility and integration capabilities, you are able to configure your loyalty program and personalise rewards according to your specific needs.

One customer profile across all order interfaces

With MENU, you are able to collect personal order data no matter which channel your customers chose to order from at any given point in time. This allows you to have full transparency of your customer´s preferences and order behaviour across different points of sales.

MENU´s incentive engine allows you to effectively manage all insights collected across your ecosystem channels, including your POS, and our integrated analytics ensure deep insights into the success of your campaigns so that you are able to adjust them accordingly.

Targeting with personalized offers

MENU Incentives & Loyalty suite lets you configure and tailor your digital coupons, special offers, promotions and rewards to target a certain group of customers, individual guests or the entire user audience. Let your customers feel special with relevant offers so that they return and increase spending on each visit!

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Loyalty program that generates sales

Offering full flexibility in designing your loyalty program, MENU supports you in building the engine that allows guests to collect points and navigate reward options easily. Support your sales efforts with this engaging solution and encourage your customers to place more digital orders, increase order volumes, and restaurant visits!

Single management center, omnichannel reward redemption

All incentives can be easily customized in the same backend system from where you also manage your direct customer order channels. They come in your unique branding and with branded names you define for incentives and loyalty programs. Also, you can specify the participating chains and individual stores. With a single click, the incentives will appear in your customers’ apps or additionally via notifications.

Loyalty points can be collected and rewards can be redeemed on all direct ordering channels, such as web and mobile apps, kiosk or even a POS system. Thanks to MENU’s integration with a large number of POS systems and payment processors, hardly anything can prevent you from rewarding your precious customers across all touchpoints!

Enhance your customer relationship management

As MENU integrates with a number of marketing automation and CRM platforms, which perfectly complement the MENU Incentives & Loyalty suite, you can continually engage with your guests through tailored offers.

By getting to know the preferences and behaviour of your customers, you can not only personalize your offer but also your communication to cater to their specific needs. Push notifications, emails and SMS, triggered at the right moment through the MENU system, will update your customers on your brand’s latest activities including recent news, upcoming promotions, time-limited offers and events.

Excel at customer relationship management with delicious channel-exclusive promotions, attractive orders or visits prior to a customer’s personal event, such as a birthday, or by providing any other incentive based on customer’s previous spending, identified needs and engagement!


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