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Seamless integrations with POS, Payment, Delivery, Dispatching, Analytics, and CRM systems

MENU’s extensive integrations, along with the system compatibility and stability, let you fully rely on the technology and focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Integrate all orders with your POS system

MENU Ecosystem runs smoothly with numerous popular point of sale (POS) systems and we continuously add more integrations. We help you collect and process your online and in-store orders in one POS system, thus increasing efficiency and order data accuracy.

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Integrate your favourite payment provider and methods

WIth MENU, your restaurants can integrate with leading payment processors and online payment methods. This brings flexibility and hassle-free payments to you and your customers.

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Connect with delivery marketplaces and delivery service providers

Streamline your external ordering channels and dispatching operations with ease! MENU offers a range of integrations that will help you manage full-cycle delivery and dispatching that engage third-party platforms.

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Analytics & CRM systems for better engagement

To support you in analyzing customer data, improving engagement and boosting sales, MENU enables integrations with several platforms in the domain of analytics and customer relationship management. Contact us to learn more!


Reach new customers with Google Food Ordering

If Google Food Ordering is available in your country, MENU is the right partner to choose for smooth integration with Google and delivering the best-in-class experience to your customers. Find out how Google Food Ordering works and get in touch now!


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