Manage everything
from one place

Manage your entire ecosystem and access powerful customer statistics & engagement tools

Management Center is the central hub for managing your entire offering, including flexible menus, special offers, suggestions on direct and external channel interfaces, delivery and dispatching as well as incentives & loyalty. Role-based access allows you to give everyone corresponding system permission. Supported by performance data, you are able to optimize your campaigns and improve your operation.

Manage restaurant chains

Enjoy full control over your brand and all your restaurants! Menus can be managed across multiple locations, time zones and different third-party systems, including POS systems, delivery marketplaces, while still giving you full flexibility to handle exceptions per location. Statistics provides you with insights into your restaurants’ performance, and lets you focus on improving individual results.

Manage complex menus with ease

No matter the menu complexity, we have you covered. Management Center is a fast and easy way to create and manage your menu offering. Choose the structure that best fits your restaurant and configure modifiers, add-ons, combos, item suggestions. You can also manage the display of allergens, special food types, and calories.

Configure everything according to your needs

Item prices can be managed easily through the MENU Management Center and applied to channels, restaurants or automatically synced from the POS system. On top of that, you can also manage translations and add unlimited languages.

With MENU, you are in charge of what you upsell and cross-sell to your customers. New item in your menu? Promote it to all customers or just a subset, and be channel selective.

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Control your entire delivery setup

No matter whether you offer your own delivery with own drivers or delivery service providers (DSPs), or whether you rely on third-party delivery marketplaces, MENU has you covered. Management Center is the central hub for any delivery orders from any of your branded applications, Google Food Ordering, Delivery Marketplaces as well as Social & Conversational Order Channels. With MENU, you can do all this from a single place and adjust on the go.

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Incentivize & engage with
your customers

Loyalty, coupons, promotions and campaigns are powerful ways to get your customers engaged and more connected to your business. You can easily select and control the venues in which your promotions are available, as well as configure your loyalty program and coupon details. In addition, Management Center allows you to manage the news section in order to inform your customers about promotions, various benefits, events or other important news. With all this combined with powerful engagement tools, MENU allows you to always stay on top of your customers.

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Leverage feedback to increase satisfaction

Gain valuable insights into the opinion and satisfaction of your customers! Management Center allows you to collect and review customer feedback based on various filters so that you are able to continuously improve your service offering. Take your offering and service to the next level and exceed your customer expectations, while providing them with incentives at the most appropriate moment.

Track performance to boost your success

Have all the data on direct ordering channels processed in real time and consolidated in a single place! Management Center helps you reduce manual work of collecting statistics from various disparate platforms. Equipped with graphic visualization, you can track sales and order numbers based on multiple criteria, such as channel, order type, timeframe and average check size. What’s more, you can also analyze statistics related to special offers, incentive programs, venues or brands.

Ongoing monitoring
for seamless operations

Never miss an order or delay issue resolution supported by our monitoring features. MENU enables you to track the connectivity and performance of your entire ecosystem, including POS integrations and ordering channels. It also empowers you to prevent or handle possible issues thanks to automated notifications, a rich knowledge center, and of course our 24/7 support hotline.


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