Self-Ordering Kiosks

Less lines, higher ticket sizes & happier customers with our self-service restaurant kiosks.


Kiosk attracts customers and enables you to automate and optimize your processes. But to get the most out of your hardware investment, your kiosk needs to connect to your Mobile & Web apps to offer your customers a seamless, connected brand experience.

MENU has you covered

Our kiosk software is designed to give your guests a state-of-the-art user experience. Wrapped in your unique branding, it provides a direct feedback and opportunities to drive revenue growth.

Engage and inform your customers by using appealing pictures, lots of customization options and precise product descriptions including ingredients and allergens. Stimulate spending with attractive up and cross-selling options and reward recurring business with our built-in loyalty functionality.

Kiosk is part of MENU Ecosystem and works seamlessly, from one back-end across our entire solution. It’s hardware agnostic, supports multiple languages and easily integrates with your POS system. Your customers and your IT department will love it!

Boost your business

Increase ticket size by up to 30% with our add-on and cross-sell features. Kiosks with our software usually handle up to 50% of traffic within 4 weeks of launch, which means you can reduce waiting times and free up your staff for other tasks.


average ticket size increase


adoption within four weeks of launch


more efficient

Add-ons, combos & cross-selling

Our software shows modifiers and add-ons, automatically upsells customers to combos and suggests additional items, driving an average ticket size increase of up to 30%.

Order for dine-in and takeout

Allow your customers to place orders for a dine-in or takeout.

Hardware-agnostic with integrated payments

Our software is built to run on nearly any Kiosk hardware, so you can choose the device that best fits your business and process. Payment comes integrated with our plug & play processing module and terminals. We work with most POS systems, so every order is sent directly through the right channels ensuring easy processing and accounting.

Built-in loyalty and integrated discounts

Coupons & Rewards are a key part of connecting your customers to your brand. Easily configure & distribute them from our Management center for all your customers to see.

Allow your customers to collect & redeem points wherever they place an order, at the Kiosk or across our ecosystem.

Coupons & Rewards can be redeemed at the Kiosk by simply scanning your smartphone using the Mobile app.

One easy-to-use Management center for all your channels

The Management center is a central hub for managing your entire offering, including menus and suggestions. Role-based access allows you to give users permission to do exactly what they need.

All information, easy to use

Our interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone. Present your offering with pictures, descriptions of each item and details about ingredients and allergens.

Be open for business – in any language

You can add as many languages to our Management center as you want, so that everyone feels welcome. No more confusion at the check out.

Your Kiosk, your branding

We brand the Kiosk according to your guidelines so the look and feel is truly yours. Deliver a state-of-the-art brand experience to your customers.


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