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„We have been running the MENU solution on our Kiosk for over half a year now and we are very happy with the results. Lines are shorter and the software never forgets to up and cross-sell. Our customers can add additional items to their orders like extra toppings, drinks or desserts which leads to increased orders of up to 30%. The interface is very intuitive and many of our customers already prefer to order at the Kiosk.“

Reto Schleier
CEO, dean&david Switzerland

„MENU and the new Kiosks really help us improve our customer service. In the past, our customers had to come to the counter to pick up their order. Now we use pucks to locate them and bring their food directly to their table. That is a real added value! In addition, the waiting times have been greatly reduced and our guests are clearly enjoying using the Kiosk. We are very satisfied with MENU Technologies.“

Dominik Schüz
Restaurant Manager, Lilly Jo

„We have had the MENU app for four years now, at the Jatzhütte Davos, and we are totally fascinated by it! The Mobile app shortens the line at the self-service checkout, reduces the workload of our waitstaff, and minimizes the waiting times for our customers. This all leads to optimized business.“

Calvin Bachmann
Owner, Jatzhütte

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