Frequently asked questions

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MENU is a mobile order and payment solution for any gastronomy venue. With the MENU App on the smartphone guests are able to see the menu offering of a particular restaurant autmatically upon entering a venue that uses MENU. Guests are able to conveniently place orders, re-orders and pay with just a few clicks. Every MENU order is always paid for at the time of ordering. Orders placed with the service personnel can also be paid within seconds using the MENU App.

Thanks to the MENU location logic the service personnel sees who placed an order and from where. All the waitstaff has to do is serving the drinks and the meals. MENU helps you serve more guests more effectively and even guests in the most distant areas get the necessary attention.

MENU offers substantial values to all types of restaurants. Whether you are a table-service restaurant that needs to overcome service bottlenecks during peak hours, a self-service restaurant that wants to eliminate waiting lines, or a hotel that would like to provide consistent service coverage throughout the entire building (room service) and outside areas (beach clubs, gardens), a railway company or caterer that would like to expand service coverage to more cars, a cafe, lounge or bar that needs to minimize overhead, MENU is right for you! MENU has been developed to cater to the specific needs of your restaurants. MENU boosts orders and re-orders, streamlines service processes and adapts to your existing processes.

Upload your restaurant's profile information and create your digital menu in your CMS. Upload images and enter your menu in as many languages as you wish, allowing guests to access your menu in their preferred language. Easily update your menu, create special menus, add recommendations and include ingredients, offer different sizes of meals and any unit for beverages.

You don't need to change a thing! MENU's support team puts mini-senders in place. MENU integrates with your existing POS system and orders are routed to your existing printers or tablets. Your service staff can now service more guests more efficiently.

They download the MENU App from the App Store or Google Play. (A QR scan on display in a participating restaurant is sufficient for the App download!) Every time a MENU user comes to your restaurant, he/she receives your restaurant's welcome message, and your digital menu automatically appears on the smartphone, letting them place orders within seconds.

The first time guests order with MENU, they will be prompted to enter credit card information - either by scanning the credit card or entering the information manually. Their credit card information is stored with our worldwide trusted payment gateway provider for future orders.

Your staff will see MENU orders in your POS system and they also appear on your daily reports. You can also access orders via the CMS anytime from anywhere.

MENU's location logic recognizes from whom and where orders have been placed. The order printers and/or tablets in your bar and kitchen feature the name and table number of your guest, so servers know exactly where to take the order.

Any personnel in the venue should promote the MENU App. Discrete promotional material will also be available to let your guests know about the digital service. We also recommend you share the news with your guests via your social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. This way your guests can download the App before coming to your restaurant and order immediately upon arrival.

MENU is the only order and payment solution that has integrated location-logic. MENU enables a fully self-ordering and self-payment process via smartphone that is able to let your personnel know who placed an order and from where without having to scan a code or enter a number. MENU's location logic empowers your guests to order, re-order and even process their own payment within seconds and without a server's attention.

Of course! MENU is there to assist your staff so that they are able to service more guest and provide a more dedicated and personalised service as they don't need to limit themselves to taking orders and processing payments. In fact, your staff should introduce MENU as their new assistant to their guests as this will boost orders, re-orders and speed up payments. Orders placed with the service personnel can also be settled with the MENU App with a few taps.

You will receive payments for orders placed through MENU just as quickly as you currently receive payments. Upon receipt from the credit card company, MENU will transfer the value of the orders (net the the MENU charge) on a regular basis directly to your bank account. MENU's CMS will give you full transparency of the orders received through MENU and any outstanding balance. As with all the other data in the MENU CMS, you can filter detailed order values by dates.

Any orders and any payments routed through MENU will appear on the reports you extract from the POS. Separately, you can access and extract MENU order and payment data from the CMS and export them in an Excel file. You can sort the data by dates, time periods and filter them by individual meals and much more. The system also provides feedback on meals and you can monitor your restaurants' sales performance on a real-time basis anytime and from anywhere.

MENU charges a small percentage on the value of orders transacted through MENU. Guests, of course, get to enjoy MENU free of charge.

A reeceipt for MENU orders and payments are stored within the App. They can be Emailed as expense receipt if needed, with a print version attached, including signature of guests.

Orders and even individual items on an order can be cancelled. Only the restaurant manager can void an order. An order voided in the POS system will automatically void in the MENU system.

Guests are able to allow tip for the service they receive as they order and/or pay. The venue is able to provide a minimum and a maximum tip and guests determine the appropriate percentage by sliding a bar. Tip can be allocated to the respective waitstaff for daily settlement.